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Scottish Salmon Smoked in Scotland

The Pride of Scotland only ever smokes Scottish salmon and only ever smokes in Scotland. With a heritage stretching back to 1913, The Pride of Scotland brings together two of Scotland’s greatest traditions, the finest salmon and the time honoured craft of smoking.

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The River Spey

The Spiritual Home of Smoked Salmon

The Pride of Scotland is all about our passion for Scottish Salmon and the traditional craft of smoking. Our smokehouse has been situated on the historic Speybay for over 100 years, producing the highest quality smoked salmon range to suit every taste and occasion.

The art of smoking salmon is a skill passed down over several generations. Our master smokers dry cure our fillets by hand with sea salt, before allowing natural, sweet oak smoke to gently envelop our Scottish salmon over many hours. Smoking salmon is a craft that takes time and care to ensure each batch meets our seal of quality, with a perfect texture and balance of flavours.

To produce superior smoked salmon you must first start with the finest fish, and only the best are selected to be filleted and aged, ready to be cured and smoked. Our fish are grown around Scotland's pristine coast, where strong tidal lochs provide perfect growing conditions for strong salmon. Nowhere else in the world can fish be farmed for such smoking perfection.

The Pride of Scotland uses oak chips from retired whisky casks, which are procured from our local Speyside distilleries. The oak chips are slowly burned to produce a subtle smoke profile. Our smoking techniques can only be found at The Pride of Scotland, where our exclusive hand-built kilns give us a truly unique product.

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We can produce smoked salmon in a variety of pack formats, including whole and sliced sides, individual packs and premium hand prepared Royal Fillets. We pride ourselves on being able to create unique products, tailored to your needs. Please get in touch if you would like more information on specialist cures or smokes, or to create a bespoke pack format or weight.

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Oak Smoked

Our oak smoked sliced salmon has been selling worldwide for over 100 years. It is perfectly cured and our subtle process delivers a faultless balance of salt, smoke and salmon.

gravadlax pack


An ancient cure, using dill and crushed black pepper adds another dimension to our smoked salmon and when eaten with The Pride of Scotland's signature Mustard and Dill sauce offers a truly indulgent experience.

whisky pack


Bringing together two of Scotland's finest delicacies: smoked salmon and malt whisky. The Pride of Scotland smokery is situated in the famous Spey Valley, where much of the world's best malt whisky is produced. The rich and comforting flavour of malt whisky complements our smoked salmon perfectly giving an exclusive and beautifully flavoured product, sliced and ready to enjoy.

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A product for the true smoked salmon connoisseur. By burning whisky cask chips, freshly shaved from spent whisky casks found at our local Speyside cooperages, The Pride of Scotland’s hand-built traditional kiln expertly smokes Scottish salmon to give it a consistent strong smoke profile, whilst maintaining its famous texture.

At The Pride of Scotland we never compromise on the quality of the product. Nothing is rushed, ensuring a quality that can only be experienced with our Scottish smoked salmon, which is completely natural, high in Omega-3 and provides an indulgent, healthy option for any dining event.