ASL, M&S, Young's & SNTech Partner to Support British Fishermen


This week the fishing vessel Virtuous FR253 began a 12 month trial in collaboration with Associated Seafoods (ASL), Marks & Spencer (M&S), Young's Seafood and fishing technology company SNTech. The project will assess the impact of the Pisces LED light on the unwanted bycatch in the NE Scottish mixed demersal fishery.

Pisces is a kit of 10 lights, that is fitted on to fishing nets (see photo, right), which can be changed, using a wireless remote control, between a range of colours desgined to attract or repel fish species. This creates a more selective trawl and can reduce the amount of bycatch caught. 

The Virtuous is hopeful in finding new and better ways of fishing and sharing its findings for the betterment of all vessels in the NE Scottish mixed demersal fishery, with Skipper, Sandy West saying "We have no desire to be out at sea all day every day, if we can fish more precisely everybody is a winner. The crew’s job on deck becomes easier, the boat becomes more profitable as we will need to input less resources to catch the fish. The environment benefits from less CO2 being emitted, everybody stands to gain if we can fish more precisely". 

We wish Sandy and all his crew the best of luck over the next year. 

For further information please visit: ASL, M&S, Young’s and SNTech partner up to support British fishermen to push the NE Scottish Mixed Demersal Fishery towards bycatch reduction and MSC certification - SafetyNet Technologies