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Associated Seafoods is the parent organisation of two specialist seafood companies: Lossie Seafoods and Moray Seafoods. We aim to source, process and supply the finest smoked salmon and langoustine scampi cores to customers around the world.

Our history

Associated Seafoods was established in 2010, when it brought together two of the most respected companies within Scotland – Lossie Seafoods, a specialist in smoked fish and Moray Seafoods, a leading business in shellfish production.

Lossie Seafoods was established in 1913 and was focused on traditionally smoked seafood. The spirits of those traditions has been passed down over the decades and continue to underpin the values Associated Seafoods hold today.

Moray Seafoods was established in 1958 and has played an important role in the local economy since then. Moray Seafoods was a pioneer in the processing of scampi, which is still a prominent part of Associated Seafoods.

sea view seen from factory

View from our factory

river spey landscape

The River Spey

Associated Seafoods Today

Associated Seafoods has followed the lead of both Moray Seafoods and Lossie Seafoods in ensuring we have a strong seafood culture. We respect the finest qualities of our raw materials allowing us to produce superior products time and time again.

We are now a leading Scottish seafood processor, with our focus on Scottish Smoked Salmon and Scottish Langoustine Scampi Cores. Our factory is a modern processing facility built to the highest food standards, where our highly skilled team of salmon filleters, curers, smokers and packers carry out many of the processes by hand.

We have invested considerably in the business, to ensure we have a strong team who can continue to grow the business. We supply some of the top food distributors and leading supermarkets across the world and are always striving to innovate further both in terms of product and process.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our staff and the local community. We have always recognised that fishing is in the lifeblood of the community and we work hard to continue to support this.