Our Creations


Quality, authenticity, and sustainability are at the heart of all our creations.

We use only the finest seafood, authentic recipes, and highly skilled workmanship and all with the utmost care for our environment, our people, and our customers.

Master Smoker, Roy Stevens

Represented by “Our creations” is a wide range of delicious seafood products.

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Scottish Smoked Salmon

With a heritage stretching back to 1913, Associated Seafoods brings together two of Scotland’s greatest traditions, the finest salmon, and the time-honoured craft of smoking.

Truly exceptional Scottish Smoked Salmon requires both time and care and to our Master Smokers this is not a job but a passion. They are fine craftsmen with decades of experience and a depth of knowledge not widely available and so, much treasured.

master smoker, roy stevens

Scottish Hot Smoked Seafood

Our Hot Smoked Seafood offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the finest seafood across an endless number of occasions.

Using only the finest Scottish Salmon, Trout, and Mackerel our Hot Smoked seafood delivers an unparalleled succulence coupled with a range of flavours for all tastes.

Smoked Seafood

Using smoke to both preserve and enhance flavour has been a Scottish tradition spanning generations with the skills of our Master Smokers bringing the tradition to today’s consumers.

A “hint” of smoked on herring, mackerel, salmon, or prawns enhances their natural sweetness while giving a moreish a depth of flavour.

We offer customers a wide range of Lightly Smoked Salmon, Prawns, Mackerel, and the finest Scottish Kippers both in our brand and as “own label”.

smoked kippers on wooden board

Seafood Delicatessen

Innovation, quality, and care are at the heart of the best Seafood Delicatessen.

From simple Pates and Spreads to Dressed Lobster and Terrines, Seafood Delicatessen has a breadth of appeal spanning many and diverse occasions whether pate as a light lunch or Dressed Lobster to impress.

Fresh and Added Value Salmon

Salmon is not just the ‘king of fish’ but is also the most versatile.

The product options and occasions to enjoy are endless from fresh sides and portions baked, grilled, or fried for a simple family meal, to dressing the salmon with sauces, marinades, and garnishes for more special occasions.

Our customers can enjoy a wide range of Fresh and Added Value Salmon flavours including, herb dressings, teriyaki marinades, classic 3 Fish Roast, and many more.

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‘Sweet and sharp’ to enhance or create the perfect lunch, snack, or accompaniment.  

Marinated or ‘pickled’ herring has a long tradition as a mainstream recipe in some countries, whereas in others, it is a speciality. Regardless, we offer a wide range of marinades from traditional Rollmops to sweet, marinated pieces in a number of flavours.  

Our Customers


We supply our super creations, produced with the utmost care, to premium retailers around the World, in most cases both as our own brand, and customer “own label” and we are extremely proud of its enviable reputation for consistent quality, luxury and innovative recipes.

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