Our Ethos


Our ethos is to ensure that in everything we do, in respect of our people and products, our mission and values are always at the forefront of our decision making.

Mission statement


"Be the leading Producer of Premium Scottish smoked and Added Value Seafood products"

Business values



Doing the right thing as a core value.

At ASL we believe integrity is the basic building block for doing business, it is an absolute, a given in our everyday.

Integrity is a behavioural decision that we make as individuals and corporately, we adhere to our values in a transparent, honest, and complete manner.


To succeed as a team, we must develop the right attitudes towards our co-workers, customers, business associates and the environment.

We must act with loyalty and never forget that we are engaged in food production. We can never lose sight of the origin of our livelihood – the natural environment and must strive to minimise our impact on that environment.

Where difficult decisions need to be made and communicated, this will be done objectively, calmly, and with care and consideration for those concerned whether they are our colleagues, business partners or customers. 

 Food Values

A respect for food is at the heart of our business.

To protect and ensure the highest possible quality for our products, the value we place on food must be at the centre of all our decisions and actions with total adherence and commitment to maintaining all company values.

Our Food Values are delivered through a desire for Consistency, the authenticity of ingredients and recipes, and the tradition of process and encompass our strong Scottish provenance.


Compliance is embedded in the culture of ASL.

We conform to prominent Laws, Regulations and Standards under the areas of Food Safety, Health & Safety, Environment, Financial and Employment which are necessary to protect our business and ensure the welfare of our stakeholders, staff, customers, and our end consumers.

Adherence with our Customers’ requirements, policies and procedures is a key fundamental and is evident in the everyday actions within ASL.

Fulfilment of all of the above helps maintain the highly regarded reputation that ASL has built up over the years with our Suppliers, Customers, Consumers and Peers.

 Customers and Consumers

Our customers and consumers are at the heart of our business. For our business to succeed, our customers must succeed, and our consumers be delighted.

We will support and work in partnership with our customers to deliver quality, service, innovation, and value, at all times.

Our ultimate success will be delivered by our consumers. Therefore, we strive to give them products which interest, excite and satisfy, ensuring they come back again and again.

The highest standards


For our smoked salmon we only use the finest quality Scottish salmon that is produced to the highest standards which are both responsible and ethical. Our Scottish salmon is sourced from farms that are accredited to Global Food Safety Initiative, Best Aquaculture Practices and GlobalGap status.

We are committed to sustainability and are proud to be working alongside the industry to secure Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) status for Scottish Langoustines. We also encourage our suppliers to engage with the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard, which ensures high standards of crew welfare and responsible catching practices, enabling those within the seafood supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to the responsible sourcing of seafood.

moray firth seascape

The Moray Firth