Recipe for Success for Buckie High School Kids

As recently reported, Associated Seafoods were delighted to organise a recipe competition for local Buckie High School pupils, where they created their own dishes using Scottish salmon as the main ingredient.

Initially 80 S3 (13-14 year olds) students took part, split into teams of 4 or 5. ASL provided them with all the ingredients they would need, and the top 4 teams were chosen by their peers to cook their dishes for the ASL judging panel (Victor West, Roy Stevens, Drew Niven & Jonathan Curtis). The groups were judged on their overall teamwork, food presentation, aroma and taste.

The overall winner was team "Meeta Freeshers" (Leoni Campbell, Breeze Healu, Janna Smith, Emma Maver & Caitlin Carnegie) with their Battered Salmon with Sweet Potato Chips and Strawberry Salad. 

Jonathan Curtis said: "All the dishes tasted were excellent with the judges noting how hard all the students worked to produce them. They tasted as good as they looked! The decision to find the winner was made all the harder because of this."

Drew Niven said: "The decision was not easy, with all dishes being creative and equally as delicious. Congratulations to all that took part."

If you'd like to recreate the winning dish at home, the recipe can be found on "Our Recipes" page, with the runner up dishes beign featured in the coming weeks.