Trip to alaska

Two of our colleagues took an exciting trip to one of our suppliers recently, on a journey that took them nearly 4000 miles and on five separate planes – to reach a fish processing site only accessible by float plane or boat in Alaska!

They visited a site on Kodiak Island to do a supplier audit, ensuring that all food safety, integrity and quality standards are maintained, and to review production of this seasons Wild Sockeye Salmon, which we will use in production next year. They also got to witness the process of the fish from it coming in on tender vessels, all the way through to being frozen and after it had been cleaned, headed and gutted.

Alaska has some fantastic wildlife to see, and on previous trips colleagues have been lucky enough to see Kodiak brown bears in the wild. Kodiak Island is also home to red foxes, river otters, ermine, tundra voles and over 240 species of birds including bald eagles, Kittlitz’s murrelets and King eider. As well as Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Red Salmon, Pink Salmon, Coho Salmon and Halibut can be found in the seas around the island.