Soy, Ginger & Wasabi Cured Salmon Sushi


Makes 3 rolls of 6-8 pieces


  • 1 x 140g pack of M&S Soy, Wasabi & Ginger Cured Salmon
  • 250g sushi rice, cooked according to pack instructions
  • 3 sushi nori seaweed sheets
  • 1 x avocado, cut into strips (optional)
  • Cream cheese (optional)


  1. Evenly spread a handful of cooked sushi rice onto each nori sheet, leaving a gap of 2cm along the top edge.
  2. Place a row of Soy, Wasabi & Ginger Cured Salmon along the rice, and then top the salmon with ingredients of your choice - we suggest using cream cheese or avocado.
  3. Fold the edge of seaweed sheet on top of the ingredients then roll up the rest of the sheet tightly to form a log.
  4. Slice the roll into 6-8 pieces using a sharp knife (wet the knife to help avoid sticking).
  5. Serve the sushi pieces with the included ponzu dip.