Summers Salads & Scottish Smoked Salmon – a Match Made in Heaven


Nothing quite beats a summer salad made with delicious Scottish Smoked Salmon – so easy to make and healthy-to-eat too.

Scottish smoked salmon goes so well with most salad ingredients, including spring onions, cooked beetroot, cucumber, spinach, avocado and radish. A nice twist is to add a spoonful of crème fraiche mixed with freshly chopped dill as a side dip. A good alternative is tzatziki.

August is also the perfect month for picnics and Scottish smoked salmon makes a great sandwich filler mixed with cream cheese. Or, go one step further and make smoked salmon pate, by mixing chopped pieces together with some soft cream cheese, crème fraiche and chopped dill. For an evening meal, the pate can be used as a baked potato filling.

A super quick starter dish is Scottish Smoked Salmon with melon, served with a half teaspoonful of finely chopped preserved ginger and sprinkled with the juice from half a lime.

salmon on plate with fresh salad