scottish smoked salmon

Our smokehouse has been on the shoreline of Speybay for over 100 years, and is renowned as one of Scotland’s leading artisan producers of quality smoked salmon. Using time-honoured techniques, the art of smoking salmon has been passed down over the decades, to allow us to produce a range of the highest quality smoked salmon, with something to suit every taste and occasion.

Offering a fresh, great tasting and consistent product

Modern processing facility

We use the freshest salmon, hatched and grown around Scotland’s stunning coastline. It takes three years for salmon to reach their harvest weight, whereupon we work closely with our growing partners to ensure the salmon are quickly delivered to our modern processing facility to be cured and smoked, ensuring we can offer a fresh, great tasting and consistent product.

We are proud that much of the process is carried out by hand by our highly skilled team of salmon filleters, curers, smokers and packers ensuring we are constantly checking the quality of the salmon.

scottish fishing village at sunset

View over Buckie from our factory

wooden barrels

Smoking in traditional kilns

The salmon is dry cured with sea salt, before being smoked in either traditional or conventional kilns. Our kilns have had programmes specially designed by our Master Smoker to ensure consistency across products time and time again, something we are very proud of.

We are surrounded by the finest malt whisky distilleries and we use chippings from retired whisky casks to provide a rich smoke flavour to our salmon. Our traditional kilns lend themselves to new flavours and smoke profiles, and our Master Smoker spends time experimenting to create new and unique combinations.

Smoked to perfection

Whether you prefer a mild smoke, or something stronger, we will have a smoke profile to suit. We can smoke salmon over a variety of woods including oak, beech and chestnut, as well as peat.

All of the farmed salmon we use is 100% Scottish, however we also have a fantastic source of Wild Alaskan Salmon, harvested in the waters around a small island community in Kodiak, Alaska. This distinctive salmon has an intense colour, rich flavour and unique texture.

Once smoked to perfection, our salmon can be packed in a variety of formats, from decadent Royal Fillets to sliced packs to whole sides. We love working with our customers to produce exactly what they are looking for, for their own brands – please get in touch if you’d like to discuss opportunities further.